Servicing Your Subaru Battery

Batteries are subject to the same environmental factors that affect your other engine components. The cold winds of winter and the heat of the summer sun can both take their toll on its performance. Regular battery checkups, especially right before summer and winter, will keep your car running reliably no matter what the weather brings.

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How Do Extreme Temperatures Affect Battery Life?

In the varied climate of Covington, Erlanger, Fort Mitchell, and Fort Thomas, you ask your battery for consistent performance in a wide range of temperatures. Low winter temperatures slow down the rate of chemical reaction happening inside your battery, reducing its ability to take and hold a charge. This is why you might come out in the morning and find your slightly older battery dead. Your vehicle also requires more energy than usual simply to start and warm up, increasing demand on a battery that is already struggling.

In the summer, the electrolyte solution inside your battery can slowly evaporate under the intense heat. This heat can also dramatically shorten a battery's overall lifespan. Not only are extremes of temperature likely to be the cause of your battery problems, but they are the worst times of the year to be stranded.

How is a Car Battery Maintained?

With regular maintenance, you can get the most out of your battery. Keeping the battery's terminals free from corrosion can help in the summer by not trapping as much heat near its cables. You can also top up the battery's fluid level with some distilled water if it has evaporated. Battery testing kits will also let you know the exact level of charge your battery can hold. If you are unsure of how to service your battery, you can bring it to our Subaru service center for care.

Where to Find Good Battery Service Near Cincinnati

Avoid the long hunt for a reliable mechanic by bringing your Subaru to Joseph Subaru of Florence to have your battery serviced. Not only are our mechanics experts in Subaru care, but they also use parts and techniques recommended by the manufacturer. We can test your battery, and replace it if necessary. Check with us often for the latest deals on car care to save even more money on routine maintenance.

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