Scheduling Regular Oil Changes for Your Subaru

Oil is a vital component in your Subaru's engine, and regularly refreshing your oil and changing the oil filter isn't just a good idea for daily performance, it can also extend the life of your engine.

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What Does Motor Oil Do?

There are a number of moving parts in your Subaru's engine, all working in harmony to keep it running smoothly and deliver the consistent performance you require from your vehicle. Motor oil bathes joints, valves, and pistons, ensuring they work at a high level while also keeping them from wearing down too quickly. As these parts move, they also shed fine metal dust, which the oil absorbs, keeping it away from delicate parts where it might damage them.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Conventional engine oil begins in the ground as crude oil, and is refined to remove impurities so it can be used as a lubricant. Synthetic oil goes a step-or a leap!-further. It is not only refined, but broken down into its base molecules, which are then re-combined to create the optimal properties for engine protection.

Synthetic motor oils last longer, maintain their viscosity and structure over a wider range of temperatures, and keep your engine cleaner than conventional oil.

What is Synthetic Blend Oil?

The one downside of synthetic oil is the price. Synthetic blends are a mix of synthetic oils with conventional oil, keeping the price down while offering some of the benefits of high-quality synthetic oil.

What Are the Benefits of Regularly Scheduled Oil Changes?

Clean oil keeps your engine cooler and improves your gas mileage, as dirt in the engine forces it to work harder and traps heat in certain areas. You can add miles to the gallon and years to the life of your car simply by keeping up with the regular schedule of oil changes recommended by Subaru. If you're inclined mechanically, you can perform your own oil changes. If you lack the time or knowledge, your dealership can help you keep your Subaru's engine running at peak performance with regular oil changes.

Where Should I Have My Oil Changed Near Florence, Covington, Erlanger, Fort Mitchell, Fort Thomas, Florence, & Cincinnati?

If it's time for your next oil change, don't hesitate to contact us at Joseph Subaru of Florence. Our mechanics are experts in working with all Subaru models and only use manufacturer recommended parts when servicing your vehicle. Check with our dealership often for further specials on parts and labor that will save you additional money.

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