Here at Joseph Subaru of Florence, we know you want to know as much as possible about the features that have been added to the Subaru Legacy to help you understand the benefits you will get from your new midsize sedan. One of the features of the Legacy that has most impressed us and we think will impress you is the introduction of the symmetrical all-wheel-drive technology that is designed to make your driving experience a little easier. Coupling this all-wheel-drive system with the innovative Subaru Boxer engine makes it easier for you to enjoy driving the latest models in the Subaru range.

The Basics of the Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive System

Let's take a close look at Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive technology that has been designed to give you the best way of staying safe no matter what the weather conditions may be. The Subaru Legacy gives you the chance to enjoy improved efficiency and control on any road surface. The changing weather conditions you may face will not cause many problems because of the AWD system changing the power delivered to each wheel to meet the level of traction being obtained.

Keeping Power Moving to all Four Wheels

The weather in Florence, KY can be changeable with Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive making it easy for you to feel as confident as we do in the quality of the driving experience you will have with the Legacy. This innovative feature is constantly looking at the road and measuring which wheels are gaining traction regardless of the surface. You can feel confident the Legacy will give you the correct amount of grip to avoid any problems in even the most difficult weather conditions.

Symmetry Moves Into the Engine

The Boxer engine may have been created following years of development, but it has been positioned to continue the symmetry Subaru require for the Legacy. Positioned lower in the body of the Subaru Legacy, your Boxer engine will help you cling to the road by using its low center of gravity to help you stay confident in the performance of your Legacy.

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