At Joseph Subaru we like to provide helpful information for car owners. Spring cleaning for your car, truck, or SUV is something that merits serious consideration. Cleaning and detailing can protect your car's finish, and it may also be able to protect you and your family.

Car Cleaning and Detailing

The spring months mean the arrival of pollen, insects, and other harmful substances to your car's finish. Letting these substances build up on your car can be a problem. Having your car washed, waxed, and detailed is a good way to minimize harmful effects.

The interior of a car should also be given attention. Pollen and dust can come in through your car's air vents. Make sure that you have your engine and cabin air filters checked and replaced if necessary.

Spring cleaning isn't just about keeping your car visually appealing, though. It is also about keeping you and your family safe. The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has affected the entire world, and an abundance of caution is needed during these difficult times.

Cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle could help to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Your service center can apply the right measures to keep your car from becoming a habitat for many types of viruses. It pays to be cautious as the country is slowly recovering from the pandemic.

Those who suffer from common allergies can also benefit when a car is given a good spring cleaning. Interior detailing will remove dust particles and other contaminants.

We want to invite you down to our service center in Florence, KY. We are happy to help you schedule a service appointment for your vehicle today. Our team can show you the detailing options that are available, and we can explain more about spring cleaning for your car.

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