If you're like most drivers in Florence, KY area, now that winter is coming to an end, you're probably ready to disembark from hibernation at home and get out more often. For most people, that means planning weekend family road trips, going to parks and even vacations.

Regardless of whatever adventure you're planning, how confident are you that your Subaru is safe and efficient for spring? Make a plan with these essential maintenance tips.

Oil and Filter

The best way to keep your engine operating in good condition is to regularly change the oil and oil filter. Maintaining clean oil reduces the chance of engine damage and a reduction in fuel mileage. And spring is an ideal season to remove impurities that may enter the oil flow system during winter. The engine air filter should also be inspected.

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades can become torn and cracked during winter. This can create an unsafe driving situation, especially if they're suddenly needed during the typical spring rain showers. Inspect and assess the condition of your wiper blades and replace them if necessary. Wiper blades do not need to be replaced in pairs.

Exterior Lighting

When your exterior lights aren't operating efficiently, it puts you and other motorists at a higher risk for an accident. Whether it's a turn signal, brake light or a headlight that's defective, it could be disastrous if either of those are not operating the way they should. Inspect all vehicle lighting and replace them as needed.

Cooling Belts and Hoses

During winter, belts and hoses can harden or crack because of the cold temperatures. When that occurs, the belts can break and the hoses are more likely to leak. Inspecting the belts and hoses for those vulnerabilities and checking for any looseness reduces the possibility that your engine will overheat. It is advantageous to replace all the belts at the same time.

It's time to prepare your Subaru for spring. And we're here to help. Make an appointment today for our service department at Joseph Subaru of Florence. You can also use our online service scheduler. We also have a plethora of parts.

We are proud to serve drivers in Cincinnati, Covington, Fort Thomas, Elanger, and Fort Mitchell.

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