Here are Some Tips for Recommended Service Before Your Next Summer Adventure!

The winter months have passed us by here in Florence, but the summer is here to stay for a while. Before you head out on your next big adventure to Cincinnati or somewhere further away in your Subaru, it is time to talk about summer maintenance. Your new or used Subaru may have seen some action during the winter, but there are a variety of procedures it may need to get in-shape for the summer, so you can head out to the next family gathering worry-free! Fortunately, we are here to help at Joseph Subaru of Florence, so schedule a service appointment and come see us here in Florence, KY today; we are less than a 20-minute drive outside of Covington.

Top Five Maintenance Procedres Needed for Summer Driving

  1. Tire Rotation: Your Subaru may still have its winter tires, or it simply drove over its fair share of snow and ice this past winter. No matter the case, your tire tread should be inspected, and your tires swapped out as needed for optimal balance and traction.
  2. Oil Change: Your engine likely worked overtime to keep the vehicle at a stable temperature, so your fuel and oil will likely need refreshing and topping off before you can head out to Erlanger.
  3. Fluid Inspection: Your oil isn't the only fluid that requires inspection, it is imperative that we check your coolant, wiper fluid, and other important fluids as these can not only be depleted during the winter but can be used quite heavily during the summers near Fort Mitchell.
  4. Filter Replacement: In all seasons, the filters on your car work to regulate air flow in and out of the vehicle, so they might become covered with excess dirt and dust from the outside and lose their effectiveness. Our service technicians will keep a close eye and replace filters as-needed.
  5. Undercarriage Wash/Inspection: While road salt may not be harmful to the environment, it can be harmful to the underside of your Subaru Impreza or BRZ, causing corrosion buildup and rust perforation. We can make sure all excess salt is cleared out and that your vehicle has not accumulated corrosion damage.

We Are Here to Help

Spring cleaning is crucial to ensuring your Subaru looks great, but spring maintenance on your engine is essential to continuing its longevity and getting you in-shape for the summer so you can take that family vacation without worry of vehicle breakdowns or other issues. Schedule an appointment through our service center at Joseph Subaru of Florence and come see us here in Florence, KY today. We are less than a 25-minute drive outside of Fort Thomas and we hope to hear from you soon!

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